CASA Fall Equinox Newsletter

A close up of a brick building

Welcome to a *Special Edition* CASA newsletter.  Today is the first day of fall- a sure sign that marks a transition of change and reminds us of the cyclical nature of transformation and 500 years of indigenous resistance that has vibrantly been maintained in Oaxaca and elsewhere.

Check out CASA’s newsletter to get the scoop on the lived resistance that our ancestors passed down to us by reading the following articles: cases of political prisoners, communities in defense of their lands, women in Oaxaca fighting for their rights, repression and resistance in Honduras, an update from our friends at CASITA, and an article in remembrance of the death of Sali Grace.

And lastly, we remind you to keep the spirit of resistance alive by organizing for social justice in your own communities!

Oaxaca News

Another Year of Impunity for Political Prisoner Juan Manuel, who was unjustly framed for the death of New York activist, Brad Will

Justice for Lorenzo Sampablo Cervantes, who was killed by Oaxaca state policemen and PRI party paramilitaries in the early morning hours of August 22, 2006, outside the commercial radio station “La Ley,” occupied by the APPO in the city of Oaxaca

Undersigned organizations and community members of Tataltepec, Oaxaca fight against the construction of a hydroelectric dam and reservoir and defend their lands against megaprojects and their neoliberal agenda

Women in Oaxaca fight for their reproductive rights and against a constitutional reform that would violate women’s right to decide, the right to liberty, and reproductive autonomy

An update from our friends at CACITA who organized the “Gran Kermes Popular” of Appropriate Technologies, in the center of Oaxaca City.  Various groups, artisans, musicians, and venders of healthy and ecologically just products came together in solidarity with CACITA, and fundraised over 2000 pesos, enough to complete the final contributions to their project

Interview with Betty Vasquez, member of Women in Resistance in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Betty Vasquez is a member of Women in Resistance of Santa Bárbara, Honduras. She is also part of ECOS.SB – Space of Concentration of Social Organizations of Santa Bárbara. She spoke today with HondurasResists to inform us about the current situation in Honduras and the state of the resistance