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Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting Azerbaijan

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Honeymoon is the most things for newlywed couples. There are thousands of honeymoon spots where a couple can enjoy a quiet and relaxing holiday. Honeymooning in the spiritual and historical lands of Azerbaijan will be once in a lifetime kind of experience. It is the ideal spot to get trapped in the otherworldly and political history of the Ateshgah fire sanctuary from the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years. This was previously the home of an unceasing fire and considered a heavenly spot to individuals from various religions and convictions like Zoroastrians, Sikhs and Hindus. The memorable and building worth of the spot makes it worth a visit. With great mountains, majestic palaces and a skyline with monuments representing history, Azerbaijan is a wonderful country. A couple can do so many things in Azerbaijan that will allow them to soak up the true beauty. The place offers a perfect balance between the contemporary and traditional. And while you are enjoying the trip, you could always bring your favorite pastime by playing แทงบอลออนไลน์ online and making money on the side. 

Here Are the Ten Most Amazing Things That A Couple Can Do On Their Honeymoon In Azerbaijan

Enjoy Capital Views

One can notice the city and its most notorious milestone – the Flame Towers. It is the best spot to visit during the day and night. During the night, the couple can catch the Flame’s Tower’s lights displays flags and lights.

The Old City of Baku

The couple can have the best time by walking through the old city of Baku. The cobbled street and alleyways are the landmarks of the city. Then, treat to some conventional Azerbaijani cuisine in the restaurants within the Old City. The Maiden Tower is the old mosques, and the Shirvanshahs’ Place are the major attractions.

Luxurious Spa Treatments

Indulge in some couples spa session and pamper each other. Visit some of the most luxurious spas for body treatments to have a relaxing time.

Enjoy the oceans

The shores of the Caspian Sea offer some amazing beach clubs, and resorts where couple honeymooning will find great leisure. So go kite-surfing and bring out your adventurous side.


This place has some beautiful local shops as well as designer boutiques. So enjoy the ocean breeze and hire across a series of shops and buy traditional souvenirs.

Gobustan National Park

Gobustan national park is for all the adventure-seekers. This park is full of caves and rock engravings.

Learn Historic Art and Architecture

The city has the most valuable monuments and palaces. If you are on a honeymoon, do discover some art and architecture and awe0inspiring beauty and heritage.

Enjoy outdoor activities

Get out and indulges in some couples’ biking, hiking, skiing, river-rafting, horse-riding and shooting. Make the experience unforgettable.

Fountain Square

This place is the city’s heart, with a wide pedestrian area surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and museums. This perfect for a relaxed evening and have a quiet and romantic time with your partner while on the honeymoon.

The capital of Azerbaijan looks most captivating during the night, and spending the evening at a café, enjoying the most picturesque views with your partner will make the experience unforgettable.