Happy Valentine’s Day from CASA Chapulín February Newsletter

Feliz día de amor y amistad from
Collectives for Support, Solidarity and Action!
We started the month by celebrating the wedding of Dalí and Alfredo, who is a long-time C.A.S.A. collaborator and community radio activist in the Mixe pueblo San Juan Guichicovi on the Oaxacan isthmus.

After a few days of fiesta we went back to work, spending a week with the Yu-Van Coffee Cooperative in the Sierra Norte.  We harvested, dried and roasted the beans and hope that when you visit us in Oaxaca you will all join us for a cup of coffee and taste the fruit of Yu-Van’s labor.

The last few months have been full of learning for C.A.S.A. folks.  Greeting the new year at the Zapatista caracol in Oventic at the Festival of Dignified Rage (or better known as la Digna Rabia), C.A.S.A members attended a series of tables and debates hosted by the Zapatistas.  Zapatista and guest speakers outlined the wheels of capitalism (which they defined as Exploitation, Plunder, Repression and Contempt) and explored examples of alternatives: Otros Caminos, other dreams and other paths.

After presenting at the Digna Rabia, Raúl Zibechi, author of Autonomy and Emancipation in Latin America, spoke at CASOTA, a collective in Oaxaca.  C.A.S.A member Luis González describes the event.

Teacher and mediamaker Simón Sedillo gave a workshop on similar topic at C.A.S.A. Chapulín, Neoliberalism and the Community Right to Self Defense described by new C.A.S.A. member Leanne Tory-Murphy.

C.A.S.A. has also hosted workshops on “Water as Common Good”, “An Introduction to Feminism” , “Simple ideas for Increasing Production in your Rooftop Garden” and “Experiences of Occupied Urban Spaces in Spain and Finland”.

Impunity and crimes against activists continue in Oaxaca.  Rubén Valencia of Universidad de la Tierra and Casota was brutally stabbed by PRI supporters.

For updates on the Brad Will case or to show your solidarity, please see:

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