Stories from the grassroots movilizations in Latin America (Oaxaca and Montevideo)

A group of children are driving down the road

“Once you learn to speak, you don’t want to be quiet anymore,” an indigenous community radio activist said.


Experiences of community organizing in Latin America (Mexico and Uruguay)
Friday, November 4, 7 p.m.
FUCVAM. Eduardo V. Haedo 2219
Montevideo, Uruguay

Alfredo Falero (UdelaR)
Andrea Caraballo (CASA Collective, Oaxaca, Mexico)

Debate and exchange:
El Galpón de Corrales
La Chacrata
El Remanso

CASA Collective, Oaxaca, Mexico
CIES (International Center for Social Studies)
Núcleo Sujetos Colectivos (UdelaR)
Social Center El Galpón de Corrales
Adrián Troitiño Distributor
Kronopios Bookstore

Presentation of the book ENSEÑANDO REBELDÍAS, plus photographic exhibition and political art.

Enseñando Rebeldía (2011) is a compilation of testimonies from organizers, teachers, students, housewives, religious leaders and many others who participated in what became the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).

“The book Enseñando Rebeldía is not, nor does it pretend to be, a manual on how to rebel. But it shows us two decisive issues: that we can all be rebels, that the capacity to rebel does not nest in special people or in enlightened collectives, and that people become rebels by participating in collective rebellions, because individual rebellions, however valuable they may be, are doomed to failure.”

Raúl Zibechi, author of Autonomías y emancipaciones: Latin America in Movement, among others.

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