New Hyundai Next Gen Verna: Top Things To Know About

A Car parked at outside

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is one of India’s most trusted car manufacturers and car exporters, especially after its new model: New Hyundai Next Gen Verna. Hyundai has won several awards after the launch of Hyundai Verna in 2020 for titles such as ‘Car of the year’, ‘Techy Sedan of the year’, among others. Its dynamic design and sports’ styling bound to make an added impact on your personality. Within one year, Verna already has over 8.8 million customers globally. Let us discuss brief about it. Earn the money and get yourself a Hyundai Next Gen Verna. Play simple and interactive betting games at

But before buying any item, especially automobiles that are insanely expensive, one should do some research. So, here are the top things that you should know about the New Hyundai Next Gen Verna:

Super Safety

The statistics keep on increasing when it comes to road accidents; therefore, automobiles need to have certain security measures installed. Hyundai Verna comes up with six airbags and various other safety features, making it one of the safest cars on the road. In addition, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is one of the most prominent features of this car.

Though driving requires our utmost attention, it is easy to get distracted when you are behind the wheels. It could be due to an urgent call, or maybe you weren’t looking the other way and now have to step on the breaks in panic. ABS prevents skidding and retains the car’s ability on slippery surfaces. In addition, it prevents wheel lock-up during panic braking and enables stable breaking.

New technology and Advanced Features

Hyundai Verna is equipped with a variety of advanced features such as touch screen AVN (Audio Video Navigation System), fully automatic temperature control, hands-free smart trunk, voice recognition, and wireless phone chargers.

Connected Drive

This new feature of Hyundai Verna helps you to stay connected to your car all day by installing a car app on your Smartphone. It helps you get roadside assistance if you are left stranded on the road due to a flat tyre or some problem in your car. Other features in this application include vehicle health, driving information, eco-driving behaviour and driving history.

Powerful engines that ensure a good ride

If you love driving at a fast pace, then Hyundai Verna is just the right fit for you. Verna’s top speed is as fast as 158 km/hr with six-speed automatic transmission and manual transmission.

Available in various colours

If you are bored of the same old black and white colours of cars, then maybe you should consider Hyundai Verna for it offers a variety of colour options for their customers to choose from such as Fiery red, Siena brown, Typhoon Silver, Thunder Black, Polar White, Stardust and Flame orange.

Despite its high prices compared to other cars in the market, overall reviews for Hyundai Verna have been pretty good. As a result, buyers usually conclude that they have received their money’s worth after driving this versatile and luxurious sedan.