Enough is Enough Lou Dobbs!

Lou Dobbs wearing a suit and tie

I’ve talked to a lot of people in my community that have never heard of Lou Dobbs in their lives. The truth is that he’s someone who with his words has affected many of us.

Lou Dobbs is a news anchor on the cable channel CNN and throughout his career he has caused a lot of controversy with his opinions on immigration. It’s no secret that Lou Dobbs has little compassion for immigrants in the United States.

He has been one of the loudest voices against just changes to the system of immigration and has utilized his program on CNN to disseminate false and offensive information against Latinos. He’s constantly used the phrase “illegal criminal alien” when referring to undocumented immigrants.

CNN, the channel where Dobbs works, is starting a new series titled “Latino in America” in which they explore the Latino community in the United States through its culture and contributions.

Maybe I’m confused but…

…on the one hand CNN is fine with Dobbs insulting our community and allowing him to spread false information on his program…then on the other hand they want to demonstrate how we’re a hard-working and positive force in our country.

I understand that there’s multiple sides to a debate, but the type of reporting that Dobbs does is completely offensive and doesn’t deserve to be included in CNN’s coverage, the station that prides itself on being the “most trusted source in news.” News should be based on facts and the truth, but Dobbs has repeatedly been exposed for his lies.

Presente.org, an organization based in California, is starting a campaign called “Basta Dobbs” to respectfully ask CNN to stop allowing Lou Dobbs continue with his daily attacks against the Latino community. Organizations across the country and internationally have answered the call to action. More than 50,000 people have joined a petition asking CNN president John Klein to remove Dobbs from his station.

Wednesday October 21st was the national day of action where our Latino community organized meetings throughout the country to talk about the damage that Lou Dobbs is doing through his irresponsibility and to let our media outlets know that voices like Lou Dobbs shouldn’t be part of the dialogue on immigration.

I became part of this campaign because I believe that we all deserve a democracy in this country that recognizes the humanity and dignity of all. Voices like Dobbs only cause hate and false ideas when we desperately need a real dialoge on immigration.

Do your part, participate in the Basta Dobbs campaign. You can do so by visiting: www.BastaDobbs.com or by texting “BASTA” to 3-0-6-4-4.