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Don’t Miss out on entertainment with Hotstar Live!

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There are several video streaming services in recent years, bringing the whole world of entertainment very close. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are leading the race. These services have created a perfect solution to the entertainment-driven generation of today. They are perfectly legal with authorized use of the content obtained by providing suitable royalties to the concerned people. They host several movies, TV shows, Web series, Cartoons, Documentaries and what not.

The Hotstar deals

    • Movies: There are many movies hosted on the Hotstar servers, available to watch online. They specialize in the Indian traditional genre and proudly present movies produced in olden times in India. These movies are rarely available on other streaming services. Some of the movies are available to watch free without subscription and registration, but few selected movies are available only for registered premium users.
    • TV shows: Indian television enjoys many TV serials in almost all languages residing in India. There are countless TV shows currently airing in India, especially in Hindi, Marathi, and south Indian languages. Hotstar live provides many shows with complete episodes of all the seasons aired on Indian TV. Again, not all of them are available to watch for free. Several shows are currently being aired actively on Indian Television. Hotstar airs these shows live as new episodes are released.
    • Sports: Hotstar, being a wholly-owned STAR group, has a wide range of sports broadcast services. Almost all major sports and games are covered live on Hotstar. Cricket, hockey, badminton, kabaddi are some of the many sports available live on Hotstar. The STAR network enables it to have amazing coverage of live games. Indian cricket ventures, the Indian Premier League, Hockey Leagues, Pro Kabaddi, and Badminton Championships are all covered live by the STAR agencies, and they broadcast it live on Hotstar Live. Watch and earn money by playing simple and interactive betting games atทางเข้าufabet/.
    • News: Again, utilizing the vast STAR network, Hotstar gathers important news and highlights and presents it on the website. This news is updated frequently and contains important detailed highlights from across India and also the world. The Hotstar also hosts live coverage of the important breaking news provided by the STAR news channels dedicated to news and services. Hence, they ensure timely, accurate and live news service.
    • Premium users: Hotstar has premium user subscription offers for 200 INR per month. These users enjoy many exclusive movies and TV shows from all over the world. In addition to that, premium users enjoy live coverage of the sports while regular users have 5 – minutes of delayed coverage. Premium users are presented with first free month access to the content, after which they are charged monthly.

Hotstar Live is one of the great Indian versions of Netflix. This online streaming service has a user – friendly interface and intuitive design. The content hosted by the service has amazing High Definition resolution and good sound quality. Moreover, there are no fraud piracy issues and illegal business to worry about as it is an officially registered legal service. Equipped with smart search and wide options for entertainment, Hotstar Live, is one of the most enjoyable services provided in India.