Different Sports News Writing Styles


If you’re interested in sports news, there are many different places to find it. 먹튀검증업체 is updated frequently, while others offer breaking news. You can also get your sports news by following your favorite team’s social media accounts.

Straight-lead game story

The straight-lead game story is the most basic form of sports writing. It uses a standard news-type lead and summarizes the main points of a game, including who won or lost and what the key players did. It also includes the final score. This type of story is common for high school and small-college sports, and it requires brevity and good writing.


Sportswriters should master the bread-and-butter summary lead before moving on to more advanced forms of writing. A sports writer who writes a summary lead that is overly long will lose the reader’s attention, so it is important to keep the story as short as possible. Generally, the summary lead should include only the most important information from the game. It should also be written immediately after the game has ended. This will allow readers to catch up on the latest scores as soon as they can.

A sports column is a popular type of writing that discusses sports and athletes in detail. These columns are often based on an opinion or experience that the author has had with a particular team, player or game. A sports column is a great way to share your own opinions and add human interest to the world of sport.

Feature game story

Feature game stories go beyond the statistics and score of a sporting event. Usually focused around a specific athlete or story, they capture the true emotion and passion behind sports. This type of story can be a great way to attract readers and give them something different than the play by play of their favorite team’s game.

A straight-lead game story is less common for professional sports, as most fans already know the outcome of a match from the television broadcast. However, it’s still a popular format for high school and college games. In fact, the most successful game stories are ones that highlight a player or team’s achievements. This can include a player breaking an all-time scoring record, making a spectacular catch, or winning a championship.

These stories can also be more akin to a news article than a traditional sports article. They can be more in-depth and use quotes to help tell the story. A good example of this comes from the Manchester City website, which bundles mini-features and a player profile to create an immersive visual story about a match.

Alternatively, sports teams can produce visually stunning match day programmes like Sparta Prague, which includes historical match ups, player profiles, and a custom embedded Spotify playlist. The key to a successful feature story is ensuring that it focuses on the efforts of an individual athlete. This will capture the reader’s interest and inspire them to keep reading.

Soft news article

In journalism, soft news refers to information that blurs the line between giving information and entertaining us. This type of news includes stories about celebrities, entertainment news, and other lifestyle-centric news. It also includes articles on human-interest topics. These types of stories are often referred to as features. In general, soft news stories don’t deal with serious issues and follow a less structured writing style.

While hard news involves important issues that affect people around the world, soft news focuses on personal matters and is less time-sensitive. For example, a story about an athlete’s injury or a celebrity’s relationship may be classified as soft news. In contrast, hard news articles involve serious facts and in-depth research. They typically follow the inverted pyramid structure of the five W’s and one H- who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Unlike hard news, soft news is not bound to follow the inverted pyramid order and can start with any material that is relevant to the subject matter of the article. Moreover, writers can add extraneous materials like anecdotes and quotes to give context to the story. This allows the writer to write a compelling story with a unique voice and tone.

Typical viewers of soft news watch for the purpose of being entertained. They do not regard the information as essential to their lives and would not be endangered by not having it. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the difference between hard and soft news in order to make informed choices about what news to read.


As with any specialized field, interviewers will ask sports journalist candidates questions that are designed to assess their skills and experience. These questions can range from the basics, such as how familiar you are with a particular team or league, to more specific topics, such as your strategy for writing articles that appeal to both casual fans and hardcore followers. Interviewers will also want to know your style and approach to journalism, as well as how you would handle reporting on controversial subjects.

Interviewers may also ask about your experience working under tight deadlines. This is because sports journalists must be able to provide a detailed report after each game in a short amount of time. The interviewer will also want to know how you stay up-to-date on current news and events. You should be prepared to explain how you manage these competing demands and prioritize them accordingly.

Interviewers will also ask about your experience conducting interviews with athletes, coaches, and other people involved in the sport. This question is a great way to gauge your knowledge of the industry and to see how well you can communicate with others. You should be ready to describe the strategies you use when writing about controversial sports topics, including researching both sides of a story, speaking to multiple sources, and double-checking facts to avoid bias.