Tech in social lives

Technology positive impact

Most of you love socialising. Greeting people, making new friends, hangouts, family gatherings, tours, trips, that’s all we want to stay happy. But, in today’s fast-paced world where our lives revolve around the clocks, it has become extremely difficult to spare time even for the most important life events.

Thanks to technology that we now have various ways to satiate our instinct of socialising as we continue with our routine activities. Using the amazing connectivity of the internet, people can now socialise in a variety of ways that they could not have imagined earlier. From finding old friends to making new ones, you can now stay in touch with your kith and kin as you complete your household and office chores.

Here we quickly shed light on some of the key ways through which technology has helped us socialize more.

Stabilising Old/Existing Relations

One of the prime motives behind our craving for socialising is to stay in touch with our relations, including family and friends. But, due to our busy lifestyle, it is difficult to spare time and pay a visit to someone or make a call. Eventually, distances make us apart from each other.

However, the existence of social media platforms has alleviated the risks of losing your loved ones as you can stay connected with them round the clock. These sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or messaging apps like WhatsApp, have entirely made it easier to keep communicating with your friends and family right through your smartphones. You can even find your old, long-lost childhood friends by a quick search.

Making New Friends

Besides old relations, you can even make new friends on social media. These platforms have enhanced the chances to connect with people with similar interests, sharing the same hobbies, and belonging to the same age group. While you may never get time to know who is living at the other end of the street of your residence, it is likely to get in touch with him or her over social media. Likewise, you can even find good friends with people living in other countries or continents.

Finding Someone Special

Although you can connect with many new people on social media and can even find likeminded individuals of the opposite gender, you may remain hesitant to propose them, just in case he or she becomes angry! But there are numerous dedicated platforms that work like dating sites. If you want to find the love of your life, joining any of the popular dating sites will certainly help you find the right match! Who knows your future spouse might already be there – waiting for you!

Coaching and Mentoring

Socialising is not always about making friends or finding partners. Rather it involves every aspect of our day-to-day communication with people. Coaching and mentoring are also part of social activities. Whether you are an experienced person who loves to share personal stories, or you are the one seeking inspiration and advice from the senior or experienced individuals, technology can help you either way.

You can use social media sites like Facebook for this purpose, or the question/answer sites such as Yahoo Answers or Quora to seek answers and give responses to others’ queries. Likewise, you can join niche-based discussion platforms to share your personal experience, or communicate for professional purposes. For instance, the site ‘Stack Overflow’ serves a dedicated Q/A and informational platform for programmers.

Boosting Confidence

Many people in the world are not confident enough to communicate with others. This may be attributed to some psychological complexes, physical ailments, lack of exposure and knowledge, or the fear to face strangers. Technology helps them build confidence by providing them an opportunity to connect with others virtually.

While communicating online, they won’t hesitate to interact with strangers. Nor would they fear that the other person will not listen to them. Also, they don’t have to feel inferior due to lack of knowledge, linguistic barrier, or any physical ailment. They are free to communicate with whomever they want to.

Ensuring Privacy For Social Activities

In the real world, socialising is usually difficult due to the constant interference of others in our routine. One cannot even share secrets with a trusted one merely because of the fear of eavesdropping, or the inability to find a private location to talk.

With technology, you can enjoy one-to-one private communication. As for the online privacy breaches, this technology also provides VPN for mobile users. Thus, you can keep communicating right from your personal devices without the fear of anyone listening to your personal conversations. With VPNs, neither any hackers nor the government authorities can track you.

Although, some people argue that technology has ruined the social lifestyle of the people. But, considering all the different benefits of technology discussed above, one can clearly see how wonderfully it has improved our social lives.