CASA offers training on social justice issues in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

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We share lessons we learn from the resistance movements in Mexico with our home communities. We publish news and analysis in our newsletter, host workshops, short-term solidarity delegations, and speaking events.

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by al jazeera
on Jan 15th, '14

In Mexico, a country home to powerful drug cartels, groups of armed vigilantes known as "fuerzas autodefensas", or self-defence groups, have formed in the past year. In recent weeks, they have even taken over communities in the state of Michoacan; in one case surrounding a city thought to be a key stronghold for the Knights Templar cartel and taking over nearby towns after violent street clashes.
by andrea
on Jun 5th, '13

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on Oct 12th, '12

January 5-12, 2013 Oaxaca, México Coffee is central to the Oaxacan economy. There are nearly 100,000 producers who grow coffee on 130,000 hectares of land, and coffee is Oaxaca’s most important cash crop.
by Oaxaca Collective in Defense of the Lands & Community of Capulalpam de Méndez
on Jun 19th, '12

Once again members of the Coordinating Committee of United Peoples Of the Valley of Ocotlán (CPUVO) have been attacked by members of the municipal council de San José del Progreso, Ocotlán, Oaxaca. The attack took place on Saturday, June 16 at about 8:40 P.M.
by Andrea Caraballo
on Jun 13th, '12

“We blocked the streets with rocks. There was no access to the town at all. We put up barricades, and built bonfires, and people brought us food during the night. But at first we hadn't formed the patrol. We rose up without arms, and only later did we arm ourselves.”
by Varias organizaciones
on May 10th, '12

SATURDAY MAY 19, 20 HRS. Andres Henestrosa LIBRARY Movie, "Passionate Politics. The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch" Produced and Directed by Tami Gold. An extraordinary documentary of a great activist, feminist and lesbian.
by Jonathan Treat
on Mar 19th, '12

In the dry and dusty town of San José del Pacifico, south of Oaxaca, Mexico, a funeral was held on March 17 for Bernardo Vasquez, a slain community leader who actively opposed a Canadian silver and gold mining project in his community. During the somber event, attended by roughly 300 members of this Zapotec community, the collective grief, solidarity and resistance was palpable.
by Carlin Christy, WFP Mexico
on Jan 27th, '12

In a press conference held on Monday January 23, community residents who oppose the mine called for the cancellation of the project and its total removal from the area. They cited Minera Cuzcatlán and Fortuna Silver as being responsible for human rights violations, confrontations, injuries and deaths that have occurred since the company’s entrance into the community in 2006. They are also calling for the removal of the municipal authorities involved in the attack and the prosecution of those responsible.
by C.A.S.A.
on Jan 24th, '12

Last Wednesday (January 18, 2012) a bulldozer started opening way to set a pipe that would supply water from the communities well to the mining company, breaking through many of the water pipes that fed the homes. As community members came out to peacefully try to stop the digging, municipal police opened fire. Abigail Vasquez Sánchez was hit by a bullet in the leg. She is in the hospital recuperating. Bernardo Méndez Vásquez was shot 3 times—in the chest, shoulder, and stomach—and died the next day.
by C.A.S.A.
on Nov 30th, '11

During one week of volunteer work, workshops and discussions with coffee producers and cooperative members we will learn about the challenges of production, commercialization, and community organization in the context of the international coffee trade. Our three working days include harvesting, drying, roasting, grinding and packaging coffee. We will be hosted by and working side by side a family in the Living Earth Coffee Cooperative in Tanetze de Zaragoza, a Zapotec community in the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Juarez.

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